Missing resources error message when execute the test scripts from Jenkins

ashokan_moorthiashokan_moorthi Posts: 21

Hi All, I am getting an error "ERROR: Missing Resources: The following symbols/resources were specified, but were not found in the workspace. Ensure they are valid and are relative to the workspace" when try to execute the SOATest scripts from Jenkins

but I am pretty sure that the resource path provided is correct.

The Jenkins are installed in Linux server and Parasoft too.

I have added the import command also before the command line execution.

still i am getting the above error. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong with setup. let me know if you need more details.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 353 admin

    Can you paste your command line arguments here so we can take a look? Also, can you provide a little info on what projects you have defined and where the .tst files live?

  • ashokan_moorthiashokan_moorthi Posts: 21

    I figured out the root cause of the issue and fixed it. Thanks for the help

  • VinayVinay Posts: 8

    Hi Ashokan, was this an environmental/configuration issue? If so, please share your experience here - it may help others.


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