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I am copying project folder into existing workspace (including .project file) and issuing cli command to import project folder into workspace and then run test command. However still getting missing resource/symbol message
First command after copying folder into existing workspace
soatestcli.exe -data -import
I get below message
soatestcli: Version -- Copyright (C) 2016 Parasoft Corporation
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; sup
port was removed in 8.0
Second command to run
soatestcli.exe -data -resource -config:"builtin:DemoConfiguration"
ERROR: Missing Resources: The following symbols/resources were specified, but we
re not found in the workspace. Ensure they are valid and are relative to the wo


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    Yes absolute path is given next to data.
    Whether project directory should exist within workspace directory while doing import?
    I am afraid my project file may be corrupted. I will try again with clean copy and a new workspace directory and see if it works

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    @Ireneusz Szmigiel Thank you. I am able to run it without resource option. So import works fine i guess. I will check why i am unable to run particular tst using resource. I have given relative path in resource. Whether i can give absolute path in resource argument when running using config?

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    [SOLVED] When i copy eclipse project i create with diff folder name and .project file contains different name. When i run the test with resource after import i used folder name as relative path than .project file name. By changing that i could resolve the issue. Thank you

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    Some important things to be aware of:

    • Project location is completely independent of the workspace location. Projects can live anywhere on the file system and don't have to live under the workspace folder.
    • Importing a project (with soatestcli -import) does not involve any copying. Doing so conceptually registers the project with the workspace. The project can live anywhere and be imported (registered, not copied) into the desired workspace. Once imported, you can run any tests in any projects that belong to that workspace.
    • "soatestcli -import" is not used at the same time as running tests. In other words, you run one or more "soatestcli -data workspace_loc -import project_loc" commands first and then run a final "soatestcli -data workspace_loc -config ..." command to execute the tests in any project that belong to the workspace.
    • The -resource argument takes a resource path, which does not necessarily match folder names on the file system. The first path segment is always the project name, as seen in the project's .project file. The project name doesn't have to match the name of the folder on disk that contains the .project file.
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    Thank you. my mistake was the last point where I was still referring to folder name instead of project name. Thanks @benken_parasoft for the detailed information

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