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how to preview HTML response using parasoft SOA test 9.9

Neil Posts: 38

When I try to Execute GET Call using PostMan, I am getting successful response and I can see HTML page content in response.

where as when I use the same GET Call url in parasoft via REST Client , I am getting http:307 and header has a redirect url.

  1. can someone help me understand why the behavior is different in Parasoft tool (9.9).
  2. My Get Call response is a login page, how can I preview the html content via tool.


  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,029 ✭✭✭

    Some clients follow HTTP 3xx redirects automatically and may hide the fact of whether that occurred. In SOAtest, the HTTP client transport has an option to control whether to automatically follow HTTP redirects or not. This enables you to perform an assertion on the redirect itself or to perform assertions on the document returned by the redirect URL. The option to automatically follow HTTP 3xx redirects was added to the HTTP client transport in SOAtest 9.9.3.

    To view the request or response traffic you would open the traffic viewer that is chained to the test. Concerning how to render HTML content, you could try chaining a Browse tool to the response output. However, the Browser Playback tool is what is typically used to test and to automate interactions with web pages and can render the pre and post action browser contents.