SOATest Writable Datasource : Comparing more than 2 columns from different Writable Datasources

I have 2 XML responses where i need to compare both the responses. Responses will have list of array elements hence i had to extract the elements and saved to the writable data source.
Now i have 10 columns for each data source (there are 2 writable DS) .

I have written a java script to compare 2 columns one from Datasource 'A' and one from Datasource'B' and it worked.

But what i am looking is to get all the column list .. i.,e column names as list from 2 data sources and iterate through each column while comparing the rows and get the final result out with pass or fail..

Is there any way that i can achieve this ?
It would be great help for me if some one can help me to achieve this please .


  • Can someone please help on this ?

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 746 admin

    SOAtest does not contain an API for retrieving column names. Can you use fixed, known column names?

  • Yes i have fixed column names. I have around 10 columns for each Writable DS.
    I can compare Datasource 1 - Column A with Datasource 2 - Column A and it worked.

    But , If i have to do the same for columns i had to write to so much code.
    And another thing is i have to declare 20 variables for 20 columns including Datasource 1 and Datasource 2.

    This is not looking good :(

    So , just want to know if there is any way to reduce my code .

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 746 admin

    I can think of ways to write the code compactly, but it's hard to give exact suggestions since I don't see your code.

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