Pricing for "Web Automated Testing"

ThulaniClemensThulaniClemens Posts: 1
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Hi Guys,

I am busy comparing web automated testing tools. I have TestComplete, Parasoft and Selenium.

Could you please advise me on how much the licensing for Parasoft would be on an annual Basis? I will be doing mobile and web based testing for my company.



  • JromeroJromero Posts: 28

    Hello @ThulaniClemens sure thing let me get the price for you.
    Which Company do you work for?

  • Mark LambertMark Lambert Posts: 271 admin

    Hi @ThulaniClemens - are you asking about DTP or SOAtest? Based on "comparing web automated testing tools" - I think SOAtest would be the correct product.

    SOAtest does more than just 'web functional testing'; it allows you to test at the API, Web and DB layers all in one tool. These tests can then be taken and seamlessly executed for load and penetration tests.

    Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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