How Do I Load or Use A Provided WSDL Link?

BrightBright Posts: 3

I have been provided a WSDL link to try and get some experience with but I don't know how to load or access it in SOAtest. How do I load or use a provided WSDL link?

At the moment I have only an empty SOAtest project.



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  • BrightBright Posts: 3

    Thank you so much but I am still having one problem.

    The user in those videos starts with a VirtualAssets project and I can't seem follow the instructions in the "Create a virtual asset from a WSDL service description" video without that project type but I can't find it using File -> New -> Project even when I trying searching for it using the wizard.

    Do you happen to know how to create that project type?

  • Chris ColosimoChris Colosimo Posts: 82 admin
    edited April 2017

    Im thinking since you are mentioning VirtualAssets that you watched the Virtualize Video:
    Create a virtual asset from a WSDL service description

    This is for the Virtualize product. You have SOAtest. The products are similar but you should watch the appropriate video

    Automatically-generate tests for the operations defined in a WSDL

  • OmarROmarR Posts: 213 admin

    Hello Mr. Bright,

    Below is the link to the video that Chris is referring to :)

    Automatically-generate tests for the operations defined in a WSDL

  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 664 ✭✭✭

    I highly recommend following the first few sections of the SOAtest Tutorial (from Help > Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide). Auto generating clients from a WSDL is a first step but the tutorial takes you a bit further, showing how to use those clients to build functional scenarios with regression controls, validations, and assertions.

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