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  1. Test execution: error reading test log for Test unit for selected sources.


  • Kevin AliKevin Ali Posts: 21 admin

    Hi Aniruddha,

    What version of C++test are you using?
    Are you using C++test from a GUI or CLI?

    Would it be possible for you to provide the full console output?
    What were you trying to execute when this message appeared?

    Thank you
    Kevin Ali

  • AniruddhaAniruddha Posts: 4

    Hi,1) version for parsoft c++test is "9.5"
    2) not clear to me but it's GUI
    3) part of the console output is-
    [Access_XACML.cpp] ...done.
    Linking test project...
    Running tests...
    Eclipse Debug Configuration: "CppTest_Debug" could not be found. Please check your Test Configuration.
    Reading test log...
    Cannot find test log file: C:\Aegis\Workspace.cpptest\Access_U\unit-data\current_tubf179707\cpptest_results.tlog
    Please, make sure that:
    1. Test executable "C:\Aegis\Workspace.cpptest\Access_U\unit-data\current_tubf179707\Access_UTest.exe" was built and run properly
    2. All dependency DLLs were available on PATH environment variable when running tests

    "Project Run Unit Tests Debug" (Execution) for /Access_U finished with error(s). Examine the log above for details.
    Clearing temporary coverage data...
    4)i am running run unit test debug option.
    thank you so much...

  • AniruddhaAniruddha Posts: 4

    just to add, I am using Windows-10 machine.(can anyone reply on above mentioned issue...)

  • Kevin AliKevin Ali Posts: 21 admin

    Sorry for the delay Aniruddha,

    After looking at the provide error, it is not obvious what the issue is. But from what i can tell it seems like the debug setting/project setting is not properly set up. As you can tell from the provide output it can not find CPPTest_Debug in its configuration. which points to a configuration issue.

    Does this issue happen when running the example ATM project?

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