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What is the best way to handle local files on the windows file system where SOAtest runs. I would like to clean out some local directories before executing my test.
I know SOAtest has plenty of tools for writing to local files and also on a remote (unix) machine.

I tried however to use a "!rm ."command (local shell) on the sftp client, but I get an error. Is this even possible?

Does SOAtest has internal tooling for interaction with the local filesystem, or do I have to end up with the External Tool and use e.g. WinSCP of Putty executable to take care of this.

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  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 1,009 ✭✭✭

    Let's say you are running soatestcli as step in a script. In that case, you could simply add an earlier step in that same script to do whatever file deletion you require.
    Another alternative is to add a setup test to your tst file itself to perform any deletions, like a simple External Tool or Extension Tool.

  • dgoedhdgoedh Posts: 40

    Thanks for the info. I overlooked another project and they are using a soap client to populate the path variables in a bat-script and subsequently an External Tool call to execute the script. See if that will also work for me.

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