SOA test integration with ALM

BaahubaliBaahubali Posts: 14

I integrated SOA test with ALM. I am currently executing the tests from test lab. But the challenge is the runtime is very long from ALM like almost 4-5mins
I am looking for a solution where I want to execute my test cases from SOA test tool and export the complete traffic to ALM


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 730 admin

    What is the difference in time between running in HP ALM vs. from SOAtest directly? Are you using SOAtest CLI or SOAtest Server to run the tests?

  • BaahubaliBaahubali Posts: 14

    ALM - 4mins, SOAtest directly - 15sec
    SOAtest CLI is the one I am using

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 730 admin

    I am not aware of any way for SOAtest to "publish" results into HP ALM - although you could probably modify the SOAtest VAPI script that you are using to inject the results into HP ALM by pointing at a SOAtest XML file from a SOAtest run done outside of HP ALM.

    Another solution would be to use SOAtest Server to run the tests instead of SOAtest CLI. I suspect that the extra time running from ALM is due to SOAtest needing to start up. When run using SOAtest Server, the SOAtest Server will already be running so test execution time should be very similar to when you run in the SOAtest UI directly.

  • BaahubaliBaahubali Posts: 14

    The issue is I do not have the SOA test Server version of the license.

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