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Report Count and GUI Count Inconsistent

choner22 Posts: 15

I am running Static Analysis across an entire workspace worth of projects with some key characteristics:

Eclipse: Kepler
Parasoft: 10.3.4
Number of Projects: ~160
Number of Files: ~ 1000 .c/.cpp and ~1000.h
Configuration Properties:
1. Limit is not set on number of violations per rule
2. Check box for "static/Flow Analysis Advanced Settings/Compact Incremental Caches " Checked
3. Depth of analysis: Standard
4. Timeouts are off
5.Enable Swapping of analysis data to a disk
Report Configuration Preferences:
1. Detailed Report for Developers is checked
2. Overview of tasks by authors is checked
3. Overview of checked files and executed tests is checked
4. Task details is unchecked
5. Suppression details is unchecked
6. Generate Formatted reports in command line mode is checked
7. Add metric details to XML data is checked

The following are facts about the configuration of my projects:
1.Every project is created from an identical base project and is capable of having Parasoft run across it
2.Every file exists in only one project
3.Files are virtually linked into each project
4.Runs are completed by, within the Eclipse GUI, selecting all projects, right clicking, and selecting the configuration to run
5.Every run is initiated identically
6.I have a script that has been verified to accurately parse the outgoing report.xml

At the completion of this report, there is a number displayed in the GUI listed as tasks reported, or for the case of Static Analysis, the number of violations that the run had found. However, when the report is generated, and the HTML is displayed, the number is significantly more than the number displayed in the GUI. On the order of 1,000 vs. 300,000.

Is there something that I am doing wrong with the way that I am running the reports or a setting that needs to be checked that is causing this inconsistency?