SOA Test DBTool is returning Null value for correct query

arijitpal001arijitpal001 Posts: 1
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DB tool with Oracle is returning null value. The same query in Toad returns valid record from DB.

Sometime if we execute DB tool multiple times it might reflect any record (which is intermittent).

Also if we parameterize the query it shows record for only for the last parameter(in-case if it returns any record)

Even I wrote a extension tool using jython code but same observation

SOA Test Version:9.10
Oracle JDBC Version: ojdbc6-
Jython 2.5.3

Any help would be appreciated!!


  • NitziNitzi Posts: 19

    Hi Arijit, Have you checked the DB tool is connecting to the oracle database at the first place? bcz it seems like connection issue with oracle database. I would refer changing the oracle jdbc jar file to lower or higher version. See if it helps.

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