Setting Project File Format Without GUI

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SOATest supports three different file formats for tsts.

Normally, this configuration is made through the SOATest GUI Preferences:
Parasoft>Preferences>MISC>>> Save Settings>Project File Format

Normally, it is best to leave the default Compressed XML format because of the overall effectiveness of the format,

But if your team requires a different format, please see below.

For use cases where it is needed to quickly change this feature for many machines or possibly headlessly, then you can change the SOATest Workspace preference file directly.

The Preference file can be found in the workspace's .metadata folder.
To change the File format, make one of the following changes to the file:

For XML add the property as follows:misc_test_file_format=1

For Compressed XML completely remove the property:misc_test_file_format=
Compressed XML is the default File format for SOA/Virt 9.10, therefore a property is not necessary.

For Binary add the following property:misc_test_file_format=0

With this information, you can create a simple command for terminal to quickly make the change.
For example:
echo "misc_test_file_format=1" >> "C:\Users\rmartinez\parasoft\soavirt_workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings\com.parasoft.xtest.common.eclipse.core.web.prefs"


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