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How to compare SOATest files in Eclipse

Testuser Posts: 41

We have been using Eclipse to checkin and maintain our SOATest projects and files in IBM RTC. We are facing merge conflicts when more than one person is working on the same .tst file and if we are trying to accept someone's changes. Is there an editor where we can compare the SOATest files ? Because the inbuilt Compare Editor in Eclipse is unable to read the SOATest files and asking to resolve the conflicts manually. Can someone please give some pointers here ?
Thanks in Advance!



  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,230 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017

    There is no enhanced compare editor for SOAtest project (.tst) files. The text file comparison editor, provide by the Eclipse workbench, can be used to compare tst files if you change the default project file format from "Compressed XML" to "XML". Merge conflicts in XML files can be easier to resolve than if the project was saved in an binary/compressed/non-text format. Using the text/xml based project format also makes reviewing diffs between revisions easier.

    You should also consider breaking up your tst file. If your tst file has multiple scenarios for testing different requirements then each scenario should be pulled out into its own separate tst file. This way, different users can be working on testing different requirements in parallel without conflicts.

    If there are multiple scenarios that must be used from the same tst file then it is still possible to move the child scenarios into separate tst files. From the primary tst file you can add "referenced" test suites that point to other tst files.

  • Testuser
    Testuser Posts: 41

    Thanks for the answer.