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How to extract empty tag values into a data bank

Neil Posts: 38

tool: SOA test 9.9

I am extracting a value to data data, sometime the data is expected to be empty.
The data bank throws an exception that: No nodes found.

I want to retrieve some value even though the value is empty.

I tried to go into option of data bank and set extract empty value as 'a' - But it did'nt work


for the below x-path , The assertion returns - No nodes as the value is empty.

what will be the x-path to extract some 'x' when value in the tag is empty.



  • OmarR
    OmarR Posts: 233 admin

    Hello Neil,

    Have you had a chance to look over the example in the SOAtest Userguide? There is a great example on how to handle empty/missing elements:

    The example may also be found in the help content with in the tool!