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How to Find the Selenium Version that ships with SOAtest

OmarR Posts: 234 admin
edited March 2019 in SOAtest

Parasoft: How to find the Selenium Version that ships with SOAtest


It can be helpful to know what version of Selenium is shipped with SOAtest when there are browser/playback complications during testing. This can help us determine whether or not the prepackaged Selenium version is supported by a particular version of a browser.


1) Locate the Selenium-api.jar file in your SOAtest installation directory by navigating to the following directory or simply searching for the file in the search bar:

2) Extract the Selenium-api.jar file to view the contained files:

3) The following folders will be extracted. Open META-INF.

4) Open the MANIFEST.MF file using Notepad or Notepad++

5) The exact Selenium version will be shown inside the MANIFEST.MF file.

Additional information regarding the Selenium WebDriver may be found in the following link: