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Configuring SOAtest to Email Reports

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edited March 2017 in SOAtest

1) Navigate to Parasoft > Preferences > Reports:
Set Reports to whatever xml, html… etc.

2) Navigate to Parasoft> Preferences> Reports>E-mail Notifications:
Send Manager Reports to "[email protected]".

3) Navigate to Parasoft > Preferences > E-mail:
Set the SMTP host name to your company's SMPT server host name.
And then set the SMPT port, default port is 25, and finally set the sender email address to a valid email address, For example: "[email protected]".

4) (Optional if adding traffic to the report) Under Test Configurations menu> Example Configuration>
Execution Tab: Check the option "Report Traffic for
all tests" ON.

5) Run a simple test that involves traffic using the newly adjusted
"Example Configuration"

6) Generate a Report and view it in your inbox

Additionally, if you want to kick off your tests from the CLI, you can edit the following properties in the file you are referencing in the command:
Example localsettings properties:

[email protected]
[email protected]
report.mail.subject=${tool_name} Report - ${config_name}
[email protected]
[email protected]

Make sure to add -report at the end of the command to generate the report.

If you have set the email configurations in the GUI, another option is to extract your localsettings file.
Steps can be found at: