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Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

Kevin Ali
Kevin Ali Posts: 22 admin
edited December 2016 in Jtest

If you receive a start-up error when starting a Parasoft Test tool with the error message:

"Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit."

followed by another message popup (see images in solution), this may mean there is not enough continuous memory to allocate for the JVM. The solution is to decrease the maximum heap space allocated for the JVM.

By default, the JVM the Parasoft tools use requests 1024m/2048m of continuous memory for the heap space. This error is usually occurs because there is not enough continuous memory on the machine, therefore the JVM cannot be created. In this situation, the solution is to decrease the requested JVM heap size.

1) Open up the eclipse.ini file in the Parasoft Test installation directory. (ex. C:\Program Files\Parasoft\Test\9.5\eclipse.ini or /opt/parasoft/test/9.5/eclipse.ini)
2) Lower the value of the -Xmx option. For example, if the file contains -Xmx1024m, change it to -Xmx768.
3) Save the file and start up the Parasoft product.
4) If the error persists, go back to the eclipse.ini file (step 1) and lower the -Xmx value again. Repeat this process until the the Parasoft tool starts successfully.