Announcing C/C++test 10.3.4

Mark LambertMark Lambert Posts: 270 admin
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This week we release C/C++test 10.3.4 (available now on the customer portal). This is a service pack release including both new/enhanced static analysis rules as well as several bug fixes - for full details and a list of all updated rules please check out the release notes @

This release also includes updated compiler, IDE and OS support
* Green Hills Software Compiler for PPC 2017.1.x
* Visual Studio 2017
* Eclipse 4.7
* Windows Server 2016


  • zebadeezebadee Posts: 5

    I am installing C++test 10.3.4 to a machine with visual studio 2017 installed - however the tab does not appear in Visual Studio 2017.
    Do you have any pointers for me to check as to why the installation does not work? There are no errors given through the installation

  • Andrey MadanAndrey Madan Posts: 356 ✭✭✭

    @zebadee : Stupid question: which distribution of C++Test are you installing (there are more then one) ? can you share the name of the executable ?

  • zebadeezebadee Posts: 5

    thanks for the reply. we are using parasoft_cpptest_desktop_10.3.4_win32_vs.exe

  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 132 admin


    You may need to verify all prerequisites for integration of C++test into VS.2017. In particular, some VS.2017 workloads need to be installed into the IDE for C++test to work.
    Here are the details:

  • zebadeezebadee Posts: 5

    Thanks for the reply - Yes, I have all those configured already as part of the general Visual Studio build

  • JromeroJromero Posts: 28

    @zebadee most likely it must have to do with admin rights, do you install the plugin? what set of permissions do you have? Try to ask the IT/admin to installed for you if you can.
    Another customer experienced the same use-case and it was due to permissions it won't hurt if you take that route, since you already check the primary and principal setup installation and everything seems ok.

  • zebadeezebadee Posts: 5

    I am an administrator on the machine (it's connected to a domain), I have also tried it as local admin.

    I have tried to install using the default option "Add Parasoft C++ test plug-in to the main visual studio configuration" - this runs through the installation fine but the tab isn't visible in Visual Studio - neither immediately nor after a reboot.

    If I go with the other option "Add Parasoft C++ test plug-in into a separate Visual Studio Configuration", I receive the following errors twice each
    "xtest.setup.vstudio.exe has stopped working"
    "Parasoft Test registration failed"
    The installation completes despite the errors and when I try and launch the Parasoft Visual Studio option from the start menu it still doesn't have the Parasoft tab.

    Very frustrating :-(

  • zebadeezebadee Posts: 5

    I have also tried with anti-virus disabled and all group policies blocked - same results

  • JromeroJromero Posts: 28

    @zebadee I apologize for the frustration, customer support will contact you to help remediate this issue and gather all the necessary details.

  • CallMeRyanPCallMeRyanP Posts: 2

    This version of C++Test skips every file during static analysis using VS2010 and chokes on all includes in VS2017. C++Test 9.6 worked out of the box. Is this a known issue?

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