Could not find a valid Message Responder to respond to this request.

swapna0707swapna0707 Posts: 41

Hi Team,

I have deployed calculator wsdl in PARASOFT Virtualize successfully,But i am getting the below error message while calling the deployed endpoint?
Wsdl :

error message:

Could not find a valid Message Responder to respond to this request.
Be sure you have a Message Responder with correlation criteria that match this message.
1 virtual asset attempted to process this request:
Correlation type: Transport
[criteria=SOAPAction, expected=add, actual=[NOT_FOUND], results=false]
Correlation type: Transport
[criteria=SOAPAction, expected=divide, actual=[NOT_FOUND], results=false]
Correlation type: Transport
Disabled : true
Correlation type: Request Body
Empty Payload : false
Correlation type: Transport
[criteria=SOAPAction, expected=multiply, actual=[NOT_FOUND], results=false]
Correlation type: Transport
[criteria=SOAPAction, expected=subtract, actual=[NOT_FOUND], results=false]
Correlation type: Transport
[criteria=SOAPAction, expected=subtract2, actual=[NOT_FOUND], results=false]

Request :
Please help me on this



  • hzzzhzzz Posts: 11

    Hi swapna, can you please post your .tst and .pva file?

  • swapna0707swapna0707 Posts: 41
    edited January 3

    Hi @hzzz ;

    I have attached .pva file in this post and have not created the .tst file ,I just trying to hit the end point from the browser.this is the first example which I am doing in parasoft virtualize.

    Kindly look into it and correct me if i missed any of the steps.


  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 552 ✭✭✭
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    I just trying to hit the end point from the browser

    A web browser will not send an expected SOAP request. The responders are configured to correlate with a SOAP message, matching based on SOAPAction header based on what I infer from an earlier comment.

    You would need to send a valid SOAP request from a real SOAP client that knows how to generate a proper SOAP request with expected SOAPAction header.

    Alternatively, if you were trying to test something from a browser, perhaps you want to Virtualize a REST API instead of a SOAP API?

  • swapna0707swapna0707 Posts: 41

    Thanks @benken_parasoft for the valuable info.

    I have tried to Virtualize a REST API and its working fine now.


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