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Is there a way to specify a default assignee of a DTP violation?

ByronPhung Posts: 13

Currently, we noticed assignees are either:

  • the author of a source change (when connected to SCM)
  • the user who published the DTP report (when not connected to SCM)

Is there a way that we can specify some other designated user as an assignee upon publishing a report to DTP?


  • Jromero
    Jromero Posts: 28

    Hi @ByronPhung you are correct those are the only two ways to get an assignee, the other way will be manually manipulating the XML before uploading to DTP which it can tedious. Could you please describe what is the workflow that you would like to have? (so we can consider this in the roadmap) and also which Language/Functional Tool are you using? since this setup is at the Language/Functional Tool level not at DTP level, since DTP just report what the XML report provides in a structure/reporting way.

  • ByronPhung
    ByronPhung Posts: 13
    edited June 2017

    @Jromero Thank you for the confirmation. If I understood your question correctly, the Language/Functional Tool we are using is C/C++test DTP Engine 10.3.2 (the command-line one).

    Regarding the workflow, there are primarily 2 places that a report can be published from:

    • from a user machine (bench execution)
    • in a Jenkins build (automation environment)

    Both will utilize C/C++test cpptestcli command-line execution and publish using the "-publish" command-line option (as we do not want to hard-code the report.dtp.publish property in

    Regardless of whether we connect SCM or not, we may decide on assigning violations to a designated user other than the author (if SCM is connected) or publisher (if SCM is not connected) who will then evaluate them inside DTP and act accordingly (perhaps assigning them to someone else as per procedure or some other action).

    Should I create a new post under the "C/C++test" forum section instead?

  • Jromero
    Jromero Posts: 28

    @ByronPhung let me verify with the C++ test team if there a different way to approach this setup

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0

    You can do this two ways:
    1) Use an authorship XML file - see Documentation "Creating Authorship XML Map Files"
    2) If you have DTP Enterprise, then you can create a DTP workflow using the Extension Designer. DTP Workflows (and PIE Slices) can be triggered on events (such as a report being processed by the Data Collector) and can programmatically change the metadata associated with findings (such as assignee). There is an example shipped with the Extension Designer (Static Analysis Prioritization) that will set metadata, such as the assignee based on different data of the violation (such as severity or filename) - see Documentation "Parasoft DTP 5.3.2 > DTP Enterprise Pack > Extension Designer > Extension Designer Tutorials > How to Update Violations Metadata" (