SOATEST returning error when trying to update the Xpath with string functions

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I was asserting on the below response against my database value which is supposed to be
Response from the service for scoreDate: 2017-03-16T12:45:25-04:00
Database value for scoreDate: 2017-03-16 12:45:25 (Expected value)
I am passing the List name as a parameter from my Datasource excel sheet('ExpectedIPList' column).

So I created a Value assertion for the above element and updated my xpath as below to match the response to my database value and when I ran it , it gave me an error
Xpath: replace(substring-before(/root/item[name="${ExpectedIPList}"]/scoreDate/text(),"-04:00"),"T"," ")

Error Message:
DataSource: ModelScore (row 1): An error occurred while processing an assertion:
net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Required item type of first operand of '/' is node(); supplied
value has item type xs:string

My response looks like as below:
"scoreDate" : "2017-03-16T12:47:35-04:00",
"Listname" : "List1",
"scoreDate" : "2017-03-16T12:47:35-04:00",
"Listname" : "List2",

Note: when I didnt add any Xpath function and ran it , it failed with an error saying (which is a right kind of error)
Value Assertion failed. Expected: 2017-03-16 12:45:25.0 but ACtual was 2017-03-16T12:45:25-04:00

My question is why is it throwing Xpath exception for the above Xpath I updated ?
Am I doing anything wrong ?



  • TestuserTestuser Posts: 41

    Any help with this one ?

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 517 admin

    Unfortunately the Assertor tools require the XPath to return a node as opposed to a string. So for now you need use additional XPath functions wrap the string you are producing into a node and return that. Additionally, to get your example to work I had to slightly modify the selector on item. Here is how I modified the XPath to get your example to work:

    /parse-xml(concat("",replace(substring-before(/root/item[Listname/text()="${ExpectedIPList}"]/scoreDate/text(),"-04:00"),"T"," "),""))/elem/text()

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    Thanks Jakubiak. This info was very useful because really had no idea what this error meant. But I copied the above Xpath into my Xpath editor and ran the test and gave me the below error:
    Error Message:
    DataSource: ModelScore (row 1): An error occurred while processing an assertion:
    net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId:
    file:///C:/Program%20Files/Parasoft/SOAtest/9.9/; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Premature end of

    Is there something missing ?

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 517 admin

    Hmmm, looks like I pasted the wrong thing. Try this one:

    /parse-xml(concat("",replace(substring-before(/root/item[Listname/text()="${ExpectedIPList}"]/scoreDate/text(),"-04:00"),"T"," "),""))/elem/text()

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 517 admin

    Actually - the forum is messing up the Xpath. Here's another try:

    /parse-xml(concat("<elem>",replace(substring-before(/root/item[Listname/text()="${ExpectedIPList}"]/scoreDate/text(),"-04:00"),"T"," "),"</elem>"))/elem/text()

  • TestuserTestuser Posts: 41

    Awesome. Thanks a lot. It worked like a charm.Appreciate your help.

  • atulsharma1989atulsharma1989 Posts: 5

    getting following error while running functional test through soatestcli on linux machine
    Please look and confirm the issue please
    default workspace: /root/parasoft/workspace/

    [[email protected] 9.7]# ./soatestcli -data /root/parasoft/workspace/gcs-aws-usps-av-ss-func -Zjava_home /opt/jdk1.8.0_101

    soatestcli: Version -- Copyright (C) 2003-2014 Parasoft Corporation
    soatestcli: Using non default java: /opt/jdk1.8.0_101
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=160m; support was removed in 8.0
    ERROR: Error: Missing parameter: -config
    Exception in thread "Thread-10" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Store for:env.preferences not registered

  • Ireneusz SzmigielIreneusz Szmigiel Posts: 203 ✭✭

    Hi atulsharma1989

    as you are trying to start test in command line you have to include additional parameter with -config option. You can try this one:

    ./soatestcli -data /root/parasoft/workspace/gcs-aws-usps-av-ss-func -Zjava_home /opt/jdk1.8.0_101 -config "buildin://Demo Configuration"

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