Any way to personalize report headings?

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Need to add title to report
We run the same tests in multiple environments and we often view the reports for each environment together. Its hard to keep track of which browser window goes with which environment. I've searched the documentation but can't figure out how to add anything to report to get a custom title out. The closest I can come to that is to create a test configuration for each environment named how I'd like the title to appear. The test environment is the only field that displays in the report so this works....sort of.

Report Tags can be totally customized but they don't show up in SOATest reports. Any other ideas?


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    To get better understanding of situation here.

    Are you running your test in GUI or command line? What do you mean by keeping track of browser window? If you run your tests in Environment A and Environment B, then information related to each environment should be displayed in Report. You can easily distinguish two reports to determine which environment they belong to. My confusion here is that I am not sure how environments and browser window/title are connected. What title you would like to see? Are you just simply running web functional test?

    Feel free to send email to [email protected] We probably need to have a quick call so that I can get better understanding of your test scenario
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    We run the same set of tests against an identical set of services in each server after a deployment to check for deployment failures. We run the tests from the command line and produce a set of reports that appear to be identical (except that they are really from different servers.) We we being two ore more of these reports up in browser windows we can easily confuse them. I've created a set of identical test configuration properties files each with the name of the server. that way the server name shows up prominently on each report (where the test configuration name is displayed.)

    Make sense?
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    There are multiple ways to achieve this functionality.

    1) Report shows current test configuration that was used to run. You can create different configuration name for your different environments. The name will be displayed in the top header (Results from: TEST CONFIGURATION NAME). This way you can easily distinguish which reports belong to which environment.

    2) If you are using concerto to report using -publish argument, you can create different report tags that match your environment name using local settings file. report.tag soatestcli command line argument is used to specify name of report. You can adjust this name based on your environment settings in the local settings file.

    For more information, check out SOAtest User's Guide -> Test and Analysis Basics -> Running Tests and Analysis -> Testing from the Command Line Interface (soatestcli).

    Best Regards.
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