Insra redirection to another machine

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We are using insure-compiled binaries on various embedded products (real target x86 machines and simulated targets using User-Mode Linux). Insure works fine using stdout or a file as argument to insure++.reportfile. The target machines does not have any xserver, so its not possible to run insra on the target.
Is it possible to instead redirect the output from the program(s) to send the messages to insra running on another host? I found the option insra.port, but no


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    You can accomplish this using an environment variable.

    Essentially what you want to do is start up insra on the machine you want the information to go to

    insra &

    in the insra title bar it will give you the host name and the port number it is listening on. Let's say it


    so on the machine you want to run your insure built application you would do
    something like

    env INSRA_PORT=MachineA:3275 ./a.out

    and it should send the output to MachineA's insra gui
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