I want to iterate rows from table with rows from writable in following manner

onkaronkar Posts: 9

Suppose my table has T1 , T2, T3 rows and my writable has W1 , W2, W3 rows so now I want to pass T1 = W1 in first iteration , T2 = W2 in second iteration and T3 = W3 in third iteration.

But currently it is passing first row of table to all rows of writable which is not valid scenario bfor my functionality. So anyone tell me how to do it.

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  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 691 admin

    If I understand your scenario correctly, try using an aggregate data source. That will cause the two data sources to behave like a single data source with the two data sources "side by side".

  • onkaronkar Posts: 9

    Flat(lockstep) option worked for me.
    thank you

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