Getting error while trying to add data repository server using localhost

Nihar1991Nihar1991 Posts: 41

Hi Team,

i am getting an issue while trying to add data repository server using local host.
version: SOAtest 9.10
can anyone help on this please

Nihar Ranjan Arisal

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  • benken_parasoftbenken_parasoft Posts: 975 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2020

    I'm sure the error message is accurate.
    Connection appears to be refused on localhost on port 2424, like perhaps you didn't actually start the server on port 2424 or something is blocking access.

    Please also be aware that "Embedded Server" starts on localhost automatically when you start SOAtest, and that the Data Repositories view will connect to it by default. This typically avoids any need to start a second server on localhost.

  • Nihar1991Nihar1991 Posts: 41

    Thanks Benken for this input. it's resolved now.


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