Saving Unit Test in VS 2017 using "Test Case using Editor"

Hello All,

Am I missing something -- but in Visual Studio 2017 - when I attempt to create a new unit test using "Test Case using Editor" i do not see any dialog on save.

I figured out a work around - by "x"ing out the tab I am prompted to save - -but that does not seem very graceful.

Here is a screen shot (also attached)--- Thanks for your help


  • miragemirage Posts: 1

    Hi, it is a problem, with 'save' button, that does not react on changes in Test Case Editor.
    To work-around it just press 'ctrl+s' to save the test case.
    We are working on a fix.

  • Jamie_TorokJamie_Torok Posts: 10

    @mirage ... Thank you for the response

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