I would like to extract the status of a test and post it directly to Rally API.

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I have to update the test result status of my tests to Rally. I am checking if there is any way I could extract the status of a test from the execution report and post it directly to Rally API. Is it possible to extract just the pass/fail status of a test from SOATest? If so, how to do it?

If there are any other options through which I can achieve this, pls do let me know.


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    I haven't tried sending results to Rally. Perhaps someone else might be able to comment about Rally's API. However, in case this helps you, reporting to external systems is generally accomplished by processing the SOAtest XML report which contains all the test execution results. In some cases this might mean writing custom code to parse the report to extract the desired information and pass that to another test reporting API. In other cases, I have also seen XSLT used to transform the SOAtest report XML into a different format that is natively understood by the external system.

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    Thanks, I am exploring the possibility of extracting data from XML.

    In other test automation tools I have worked on, it is possible to get the test staus through a parameter/variable. I just wanted to make sure if such a thing exists in SOAtest.

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    After a test execution has finished, the results of that test execution are only available from the XML report. Fortunately, XML is an open standard with XML processing APIs available for a number of different programming languages. If you wanted to query the test results from Java, for example, you can use JAXP API.

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    If you start SOAtest in a server mode, you can execute tests through its REST API. The execution REST API will return the results in its response. This doesn't work from CLI, but will work if executing via SOAtest server.

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    The execution REST API will return the results in its response

    The response message includes a summary plus the XML report with individual test execution details.

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