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How do I get rid of the error

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
Error occured during initial. of VM
This VM failure sometimes happens on machines with large amounts of memory, usually over 3 gigs. To fix this, we will need to pass an argument to SOAPtest to change the amount of memory allocated to the JVM in which SOAPtest runs. You will need to find out how much memory is available on the machine you are working on. Then to fix this you can do the following:

1) Right click on the SOAPtest shortcut icon you are using to run SOAPtest and select Properties.
2) In the Target field append the flag: -J-XmxMEMORY_TO_ALLOCATEm (where MEMORY_TO_ALLOCATE represents the amount of memory to allocate to the JVM in megabytes). Start out with half the size of the amount of memory your machine has. If problems still persist, try lowering the amount to a smaller number . So the Target field should look something like:

"C:\Program Files\ParaSoft\SOAPtest\3.0\st.exe" -J-XmxMEMORY_TO_ALLOCATEm

So for example, to allocate 1 gig of RAM to the machine you would have:

"C:\Program Files\ParaSoft\SOAPtest\3.0\st.exe" -J-Xmx1000m