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Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP 2023.1 PRODUCT RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT

aattanasio Posts: 4 admin
edited October 2023 in SOAtest

Parasoft is pleased to announce the release of SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP version 2023.1. This update is available at no cost to customers on an active subscription or maintenance contract.

What’s New in 2023.1?

In this first product release of 2023, we focused on a few key themes:

  • Enhanced code coverage for distributed microservices
  • New responder mode for JSON and Plain XML
  • Improved usability and user experience
  • Government and compliance regulations

Enhanced Code Coverage for Distributed Microservices

In previous releases, to measure application code coverage you needed to analyze source code using Parasoft Jtest or dotTEST in addition to capturing runtime data about executed code. In this release, QA teams can now collect and measure application coverage when they have no access to source code but only have access to the application binaries. Simplified workflows allow you to analyze either source code or application binaries and combine the results of the analysis with the runtime coverage data to produce coverage reports. This expanded coverage capability is included in SOAtest, eliminating the need to install and license Parasoft Jtest or dotTEST when only using application binaries in coverage workflows.

SOAtest has now also been expanded to collect code coverage data for distributed microservices in end-to-end testing. These results can easily be aggregated into SOAtest (XML) and DTP reports. With microservices usage expanding in many organizations, this enhancement improves the visibility of application coverage across distributed systems.

New Responder Mode for JSON and Plain XML

Virtualize users can now take advantage of a new responder mode for JSON and Plain XML that makes use of a directory of request-response pairs, making it easier to add new data. Request and response files are automatically paired based on filenames in the directory you specify. HTTP, MQ, JMS, and custom protocols are supported. This makes it easier to use response traffic in source control for PVA creation.

Improved Usability and User Experience

With each release, we strive to improve the usability and user experience of Parasoft products. This release has kept up with that goal and we have added the following improvements:

  • Author / Modifier of TST and PVA files – A record of the most recent author or last user to make a modification is now tracked in the TST or PVA and that data can be viewed in CTP. This allows for better auditing of file changes.
  • Enhanced Kubernetes Support – IBM WebSphere MQ tool can now be configured to keep the connection to the queue manager alive, which allows the use of an MQ browse cursor across subsequent tests.
  • Enhanced XML Encoding Options – Options in Form XML make it easier to switch between Form XML and Literal views while preserving Unicode characters and XML encoding configuration.
  • Private Servers in CTP – SOAtest and Virtualize servers can now be set as “Private” in CTP, allowing admins to hide any servers marked as private from users without specific permissions to view them.
  • Dark Theme – We have enhanced support for “Dark Theme.”

Government and Compliance Regulations

As always, we are working to keep up with government and compliance requirements. We have added the following in this release:

  • Implementation of logging requirements expected for federal agencies by Executive Order 14028.
  • Hardened security by updating multiple third-party libraries.

Additional Resources

Refer to the release notes for additional information.