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Extract REST API Output(Literal) to Databank without External File Usage

bharatbarz Posts: 44

Team, I have a REST API which gives output just as a literal and not in JSON/XML output. I wrote into a file and then wrote a Python Script to get into JSON databank. Is there any way to get output in JSON/XML without writing into a file.


Best Answer

  • jakubiak
    jakubiak Posts: 795 admin
    Answer ✓

    Instead of writing into a file, you can attach an Extension Tool and write a script that returns the literal content wrapped inside XML or JSON. Then you can attach a XML/JSON Data Bank to the Extension Tool.


  • bharatbarz
    bharatbarz Posts: 44

    How to refer to the literal content in Script ? If Generated Data Source or Data Source, i would use context.getValue. But for this case, which one should i be using ?

  • bharatbarz
    bharatbarz Posts: 44

    Hi jakubiak. I got the answer. Thanks a lot for your guidance.