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Debugging a .dll with Insure++

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edited December 2016 in Insure++
You will need to debug the process in which that the dll actually runs. If you know the name of the executable that loads the dll, and can run that executable by hand, the simplest approach is to simply run that executable under InsureSpy.exe, inject.exe, or Visual Studio's debugger by clicking "Insure++ Debug" within Visual Studio.

> InsureSpy apache.exe

If the executable in question is started through NT services (e.g. IIS), or in some other way which is out of your control, see the "Adapting Insure++ Usage to Different Environments and Needs" section of the Insure++ manual. Prior to Insure++ 7.0, this section of the manual was called "Usage Options".

Also, if you are specifically debugging an ISAPI dll, see the post titled "Debugging an ISAPI dll" in the "Tips and Tricks" Insure++ forum.


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    You cannot attach to a running process with Insure++. The process must be started under the Insure++ debugger (InsureSpy.exe, inject.exe, or the "IntegratedSpy" inside of Visual Studio [the Insure++ Debug button]).

    If you do not know the process in which your dll loads, try using ProcessExplorer.exe from
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    "You cannot attach to a running process with Insure++."

    Attaching to processes is now possible with Insure++ v2021.