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SOAtest Quality Tasks cannot not always show differences

dgoedh Posts: 63


After running a test in Parasoft SOAtest 2021.x I want to analyse the results and eventually adapt the excepted results of e.g. the Diff Tool (XML mode).
Sometimes, when there are (maybe too many) differences, SOAtest does not show the differences anymore, but instead a dialogue (Compare) is shown stating that "There are no differences between the selected inputs", while double-clicking a quality task line. This off course is not true, needless to say. You are stuck at this point and have to re-run the whole test.
It looks like some kind of memory issue and SOAtest cannot hold all the differences registered during the test run in context (??)
Usually I can view the first couple of differences, before the Compare dialogue kicks in and spoils the fun ... It may depend on the file size, number of lines in the compare in conjunction with the number of quality task (e.g. 1000)

Is there any way to prevent this? (other than running the test in increments)

Thanks in advance.



  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,209 ✭✭✭

    On the Options tab, what XML diff engine is selected? Is it XMLUnit? If it is VMTools then does switching to XMLUnit help? The VMTools engine is no longer the default because it has some performance issues which include the Diff tool sometimes falling back to plain text-based diffing which likely results in you sometimes seeing a change in behavior.

  • dgoedh
    dgoedh Posts: 63

    Hi Benken,
    Thanks for your reply. The diff engine is set to XML Unit (default) for all the Diff operations in my test suite.

  • dgoedh
    dgoedh Posts: 63

    Hi, in retrospect I think it is indeed related to a memory issue I had on the shared drive of a remote desktop I was running tests on. The allocated diskspace might have almost been exceeded and that's why SOAtest could not reveal the differences from the quality tasks. Now I switched to a VDI platform and the issue is gone sofar.
    Thanks again.