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FTP Virtualize

mdsheeraz Posts: 6
edited September 2022 in SOAtest

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to generate a .csv file and transfer a file to the target location (SFTP) on daily scheduled time using SOA test.

  1. How to generate a .csv file with different random values with at least 10 rows.
    for ex: BOFSTXXXXS , julian_date , curr_date , WM003

  2. Once it is generated, how to FTP to a target location on scheduled time.

Could you please help on the steps to achieve this using SOA test.


  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,228 ✭✭✭

    SOAtest is typically used for API and web service testing. What is being tested here? For example, is the application that is consuming the CSV file also have a REST API or service endpoint? Otherwise, perhaps this is something that you would do outside SOAtest. You could generate random data in a custom script or perhaps you generate the CSV beforehand in Excel. The script could run "scp" to upload the file to the target host. A task scheduler like "cron" could be used to run the script at a scheduled time.

  • mdsheeraz
    mdsheeraz Posts: 6

    No, we are not testing API. Tried below steps using SOAtest.
    Step 1 : In SOAtest using standard test -> FTPClient configuring all the target host details to transfer a file from the local folder.
    To make step 1 work, we would need a file inside local folder.

    We are looking now to generate a CSV file having random values and to be saved inside local folder.
    How can we achieve using SOAtest could you please help.