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Does Parasoft have an application for Test Management? If not what apps do clients use?

dwhitehouse Posts: 6

I know CTP enables continuous testing and provides test database configuration, otherwise not real familiar with that product. On the database matter, I don't think that works well for my company because there are key dependencies within the product tested and outside that are subject to change from one release to the next.

My interest is largely from the perspective of managing test artifacts, and reports with the ability to launch individual or blocks of tests (manual or automated) while preserving test results. We are using one product and while largely satisfied, I am looking to see if the grass might be greener on the other side.


  • whaaker
    whaaker Posts: 59


    Thanks for your question! While Parasoft does not offer a test case management solution directly, we do integrate with the most popular ones requested by our customers. The SOAtest integration with test case management systems is facilitated by Parasoft DTP. Here is the DTP product page where you can take a virtual tour if you're unfamiliar with it:

    DTP supports:

    • Jira + XRay (since Jira doesn't offer test case management out of the box, our customers use the XRay plugin for Jira to enable test case management with requirements traceability within Jira).
    • Azure DevOps
    • VersionOne
    • Polarion ALM
    • codeBeamer ALM
    • Jama Connect

    If you open the root test suite in a SOAtest TST, you'll notice that it has a Requirements & Notes tab.

    This is where you can associate Test Suites or Tests to requirements or user stories in your planning tool.

    With DTP's Requirements Traceability also comes a nice add-on to SOAtest with the Requirements view.

    DTP will synchronize with your ALM tool and SOAtest can visualize the requirements in your project that you want to associate with test cases. You can drag & drop between Test Suites and Tests, and a Requirement in the Requirements View, and it will automatically add the appropriate tag in the root Test Suite node I showed you earlier.

    When SOAtest is run in automation, say with soatestcli, test results get published to DTP. Once DTP receives those test results, it will synchronize with the test case management component of your ALM tool and add automated test runs with status and links back to DTP for more information. In the case of Jira + XRay, that means a Test Run with all of the SOAtest tests represented in XRay will be created, and if the test case has an association with a requirement or user story, that link will exist in both the Jira XRay reporting features as well as natively within DTP.

    I hope that helps explain how you could leverage SOAtest with your overall QA process and test case management workflows.