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Query Parameter Correlation

reactancexl Posts: 157

I created a pva from recorded traffic based off of URL path (host:port/path/. I looped thru multiple parameters to create the traffic. The responder only works on 1 parameter. I want two things to happen.
1. I want to be able to iterate thru multiple parameters (without having a 1:1 responder) and
2. I would like to create a query parameter on the Repo for a different column. When I try to do this the only column it gives me is only 1column. I know this can be done as I had it working before and now forgot exactly what I did. :( I think I added another data source from the repository but still giving me only 1 selection for column. thx


  • reactancexl
    reactancexl Posts: 157

    I will answer my own question as I finally figured it out. In order to get a series of columns in the query parameters drop down is to add a "data group" as a data source and add the data set from the repository.