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Exclude autogenerated code from coverage report

uname Posts: 6

I have project with custom configurations for running and generation stubs/tests. My project contains autogenerated files that I want to exclude from coverage report as we are not interested in their coverage and it affects total coverage of the project.

I use standalone version of C++ test and tried:

  • add them to Properties(project)->Parasoft->Scope settings->resources to skip. This files disappeared from Stubs tab, but still present in report.
  • add them using regular expression to Test configurations->My run config->Scope->Content options. And put a tip to skip them. And they are still present on report.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe there is the solution for my problem. I don't want to stub each function in this files as there are plenty of them.

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  • sang_parasoft
    sang_parasoft Posts: 26 admin
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    Hello, uname,
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