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Executing Autosys through Putty

I have a scenario where i need to execute Autosys through putty.
I need to enter connection string, Username, and Password in the putty and after that i need to give certain commands.

Is the above scenario is possible via Parasoft SOA test?
If Possible please let me know how to do it.



  • jakubiak
    jakubiak Posts: 790 admin

    Can you perform the execution via command line by passing arguments to specify connection string, username, and password? If so, I would recommend doing that using the External Tool which allows you to call any executable from within SOAtest, passing any necessary arguments to it.

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,209 ✭✭✭

    In case this helps, the SFTP Client marketplace extension can also execute commands on a remote host.

  • Hi Benken,

    Can you please explain more about SFTP tool.
    it Consists of below details.
    Host:(It's Connection String Right?)
    Local Folder: Path of the putty.exe right?

    and can you please explain what to give in command and Argument.

    My scenarios is to enter two commands(one after other)

  • Actually there is no SFTP client.
    I have selected FTP client and SFTP as protocol and i can see the above options.

    Am i doing RIght?

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,209 ✭✭✭

    Can you please explain more about SFTP tool.

    It is part of the "Parasoft Functional Essentials Pack" from
    I linked to the documentation which has details.
    I believe the "FTP client" tool is more restricted in terms of what commands can be executed.

    and can you please explain what to give in command and Argument

    This is for you to decide. :) I am just explaining how you might go about executing a remote command using something other than putty. If you prefer to do this through putty instead then you can use the External Tool as what was also suggested.

  • malavijay
    malavijay Posts: 1

    I need to execute Autorep -j this command through putty. Could you please explain the Autosys-Putty connectivity details?