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Web app dropdown fields not populating

Speedy993 Posts: 52

Problem populating dropdown fields in web app using SOATest 9.10.8. I have a web app that I created a number of tests in SOATest using Parasoft Recorder running in Chrome. After I imported it into SOATest I replaced the Fixed data that is input into the screen with Parameterized data from a data source table defined in SOATest. Sometimes the field (wizardForm:chargeAgency_input) will populate with the Select action on the field and the input parameterized from the table data source. Other times that does not work. Then sometimes I can populate a field by the Click action on the dropdown field that has a text like '--Select Gender--' as the default and other values like Male, Female, Unknown in the dropdown. So two methods of input that sometime work and sometime don't. I have not been able to determine why it works sometimes and other times not. Any ideas what might be happening or how to get this to consistently work?