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Unable to generate unit test coverage report

rusty9 Posts: 2

I am having issues to generate coverage report using Parasoft in eclipse Java.

Eclipse display error,

**No results were reported during the configuration run. Please check your settings and try again
Setup Problem

[ERROR]could not report coverage Could not find coverage files, probably instrumentation was not done.

I am using Built-in -> Unit Tests to generate the unit test result and its coverage.

I am connecting to DTP 10.3 and would like to generate the coverage report for all my unit test. Can someone help me with my issue? Thank you


  • Tomasz
    Tomasz Posts: 18

    Hello Rusty9

    To be able to send coverage reports to the DTP you need to integrate with some build system like maven or gradle. IDE collects and shows coverage internally (during JUnit tests execution) and presents it in coverage tree panel to help develop Unit Tests. Please check jtest documentation for details.

  • rusty9
    rusty9 Posts: 2

    Hi Tomasz,

    Thank you so much for the response. I tried using ANT to generate, but also have the same error, "probably instrumentation was not done."