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Pass Parameters From SOATest to Selenic Test

Speedy993 Posts: 52

I am running a test that calls a Selenic tested created from a Parasoft Recorder. I would like to pass few parameters to this test like the runtime environment (development, test, etc) and a customer id. When the test finishes I would like to determine the status and any errors that occurred. I thought I had seen some documentation on doing at least some of this but now I am unable to find it. Could someone point me to where this is explained?


  • jakubiak
    jakubiak Posts: 798 admin

    In another thread I saw that you are using the JUnit Executor to execute your Selenium scripts. As described in the PDF docs that come with the JUnit Executor, you can pass name=value pairs (separated by semi-colons) to the "Data" field in the JUnit Executor field. Then in your JUnit test, you can refer to the value by calling System.getProperty() and passing the name to retrieve the value and then use it where appropriate in your Selenium test.

  • Speedy993
    Speedy993 Posts: 52

    Thanks jakubiak!
    I knew I had read about it someplace. I was looking online instead of the accompanying documentation.