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Spontaneous cleaning out of source test suite project

dgoedh Posts: 63

All best wishes for 2021.

For quite some time we have issues with the SOAtest project (running version 9.10.8) that is contaning the source test suites. From time to time this 'library'project gets cleaned out with an irregular interval.

Currently this source project contains about 100 test suites (and is still growing!). In the same workspace we have 'runnable' projects that make references to the source test suites (and have dedicated data sources). This way we can run the test suites in a desired sequence in order to automatically test the database and validate output files etc. Once the source tst is gone, all references to it are disabled.

I thought this is a straightforward setup and the way Parasoft SOAtest is designed to be used. However, maybe there is a limit on the number of test suites that can be hold in a single project or this can be configured somehow or oherwise there might be a (memory?) problem in SOAtest holding that many test suites altogether in one project.

We can eventually rebuild our framework using the latest remote pushed version from GIT in a brand new workspace. A simple pull of fetch sadly does not yield any retrieval, since GIT 'thinks' all is still right.

So, to cut things short: Is this cleaning out of a project a 'common' feature and should we restrict to a max number of tst's or is this a bug in SOAtest. Are there any other (external) factors that we should take into account (e.g. operation system, platform)? WIll this feature be fixed in a future release of SOAtest?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.





  • jakubiak
    jakubiak Posts: 798 admin

    Hi Daniel, Happy New Year!

    There is no limit on the number of .tst files in a project, and there is no feature in SOAtest that "cleans out" a project automatically. I am guessing that something unexpected is going on, such as an Eclipse .project file (or other file(s)) somehow getting corrupted or deleted. I doubt this is a bug in SOAtest, but I really don't know. Unfortunately it's not clear what could be causing the behavior that you are seeing.

  • dgoedh
    dgoedh Posts: 63

    Hi Jakublak, happy new year. Thanks for looking into this. Regarding the Project that gets cleaned out, only the .project and .parasoft file remain. However .parasoft only contains a timestamp, while .project looks pretty much the same. In the normal project folder, with the many tst's, the .parasoft file consists of about 8900 lines and mainly holds references to the (Table) datasources as it seems.
    Is it likely that the many (table) datasources are the 'source' of the (corruption?) problem? Because in the 'library project' I have a set of table datasources, mainly for constructing the assertions. Though in the reference projects that are used for actually running the tests, I have a similar set of DS's: Same name, however different content.
    Might it be worth trying e.g. Excel DS instead? Or maybe the problem is triggered when multiple reference projects are hooked up on the library project?

    Thanks in advance,