Data Source Correlation

Looking for details regarding data source correlation.

1 - I understand how to add the xpath needed to match up to a row in the data source. My question is: if I add more than one xpath conditions is it treated as AND or is it treated as OR with respect to the first xpath?

2 - Does Virtualize support custom xpath when creating a responder using the UI? Could I use //account/number() instead of the /root/account/text() I get by default? Looking to strip leading zeros from an account number. And, when the correlation is applied would there be a type-mismatch if the accountNumber I have stored in the data source is in a varchar() instead of an int column?




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    1. Data Source correlations are "and" conditions. It will extract the values for each separately and then will look for a row in the data source that has both values.

    2. Yes, you can manually edit the xpath used to extract the value for the correlation condition. When modifying or adding a request body data source correlation just type in the desired xpath into the "XPath" text area.

    Hope this helps!

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