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Browser Validation

Speedy993 Posts: 52

I am trying to validate an application webpage in SOATest. This test needs to validate that a particular column in a table to empty. Unfortunately, SOATest will either pass the test when there is a value in the column or complain that the XPath locator in wrong. In an earlier test I validated that there was a value in the field, I used this for the XPath Locator: //[@class="ui-panelgrid ui-widget ui-pnlGridCase"]/tbody/tr[2]/td[3]/table/tbody/tr/td/table/tbody/tr/td with the Expected Value contains a Fixed value.
For this empty field test I have tried the same Locator as well as variations down to this: //
[@class="ui-panelgrid ui-widget ui-pnlGridCase"]/tbody/tr[2]/td[3]. For the Expected Value I have tried is not present, equals empty string, starts with, less than empty string. I keep thinking that there is a simple solution that I am just somehow missing.
Any suggestions?