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did not find Publish Parasoft analysis results in build section jenkins

Nihar1991 Posts: 52

Hi Team,

I have installed the Parasoft findings plugin in Jenkins to view the report format. but somehow i did not find the "publish Parasoft analysis results" in Configure> Post-build Actions> Add post-build action section. can you please help me with this.

second question:
What is the correct format of the relative XML report path for Test report XMLs in Post-build Actions (Publish JUnit test result report)?

Nihar Arisal


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 87 admin

    Hi Nihar,

    The Parasoft Findings plugin for Jenkins adds new report types under the Post-build Action to Publish xUnit test results report. I see in your Jenkins screenshot that you already had "Publish xUnit test results report." Try adding that Post-build action and then select "ParasoftSOAtest-9.x" for the report type.

    Full documentation is available at

    Answer to second question:
    The format of the relative XML report path uses * for wildcard matches on files and directories. In my case I use: target/parasoft/soatest/*/report.xml
    Check the workspace of your Jenkins job to see where the report.xml files are saved.