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Announcing Parasoft Selenic 2020.2

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The latest version of Parasoft Selenic was released today. It adds additional support for enterprise application software (e.g. Salesforce and Guidewire) as well as making it easier than ever to create pure Java Selenium tests in your favorite frameworks.

Enterprise Application Support (EAS): Salesforce, Guidewire, etc.

  • New locator and wait condition strategies for recording, self-healing, and recommendations in Enterprise Applications and beyond

    • Smart element construction in multi-tabbed Salesforce Lightning experience
    • Intelligent Salesforce element locators leveraging Salesforce standards
    • Dynamic page title validations
    • Automatic scrolling in page to ensure elements are in focus
    • Chrome options automatically added to created Selenium tests to set the browser into a reliable state for playback
  • Watch the webinar replay

Assertion Creation

  • Create assertions during recording and Parasoft Selenic will generate the relevant assertion code when creating your Selenium test.
  • Reduces the barriers to entry for Selenium test creation by creating a process for both recording Selenium test scenarios in pure Java and also creating pure Java assertions.
  • Rapid feedback can be achieved through test automation where test script execution validates user experience and assertions ensure expectations.

TestNG creation

  • Making it easier to take advantage of one of the most popular test frameworks for Selenium.
  • Selenic offers support for TestNG creation. This enables enterprises to work with their preferred Selenium test framework, whether it’s JUnit or TestNG.

Support for new IDE versions

Selenic now plugs into Eclipse 2020-06 and IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2. The plug-ins include support for all functionality including:

  • Creating Selenium tests and projects from actions recorded with Parasoft Recorder
  • Creating and configuring Selenic run configurations
  • Generating HTML reports

For more information see the release notes.

See our roadmap for future enhancements:
Parasoft Selenic Roadmap