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Parasoft Selenic Roadmap

In an effort to make the best product possible, we are publicly sharing our road map for Parasoft Selenic and encourage feedback on upcoming stories.
All stories and timelines are subject to change

2020.2 Release (September 2020) - CURRENT RELEASE

  • Extended support for Salesforce and Guidewire applications

    • Enhanced recording of UI actions
    • New locator and wait condition strategies for self-healing and recommendations
  • Support for creation of tests in TestNG format

  • Create assertions during recording
  • Desktop self-healing and performance benchmarking from within the IDE

202X.X Release (TBD)

  • Support for Test Case Parameterization (JUnit 5)
  • Support go to and quick fix for inline locators
  • Support go to and quick fix for select locators
  • Store history during recording of tests
  • Edit recorded steps prior to creation of Selenium code
  • Capturing test step descriptions during recording
  • Integrate sequence timing into test scripts
  • Support for Python
  • Support for C#
  • Support for JavaScript
  • Support for Gradle
  • Customize playback browser via run configurations
  • Record hover over events
  • IDE actions to help in post recording script edits
  • Integration with for JTest Code Coverage
  • Support Dark theme in Parasoft recorder
  • Support Dark theme in HTML Report

"+ much more!"*

Feel free to submit ideas for the road map by accessing the feedback survey

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