Troubleshooting Failures in Load Test

jrodriguezjrodriguez Posts: 1

Is there a way to see reasons for failures in load tests? We have a load test scenario that works local on a users machine, but when its uploaded to our load test server all calls fail. We are trying to understand if its a connection issue or some other issue. The reports do not have detail as to what the failures are and we have the console logging enabled during executions.


  • SergeiSergei Posts: 32

    First make sure you have the "Error Details" flag checked in the Report Settings tab of the Scenarios node config view. After you have run a load test in the Load Test report go to the Detailed Report view, right click in the graph and select "Show Recorded Details" the errors will be shown in a table. Double click on each error in the table view to see the error details and traffic if traffic is available. For more details see the following Load Test documentation section:
    Viewing Detailed Report Table Content

    You can filter your Detailed Report and Statistics views by machine if you have several machines in a load test and you would like to see errors from a specific machine.

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 738 admin

    Another way to do this is to go to the Statistics view, find a row in the table that reports errors for a given test, and double-click in the "Failure Count" column. This will show the errors for that test only in the bottom pane.

  • goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 126

    Is there a way to see failures within setup steps? I have a load test that runs fine locally, but as soon as i run it through loadtest, I get 100% failures (302), but since the login is a setup step, I am unable to view the results of those steps.

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