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What if I have more than one Excel File?

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
I would like to use in a SOAP Client?
  1. Add the extra Excel files into SOAPtest as data sources.
  2. Add an Aggregate data source by completing the following:
    1. Right-click the root Project tree node.
    2. Choose Add New Data Source from the shortcut menu.
    3. (Optional) Change the data source label in the Name field of the Data Source dialog box.
    4. Choose Aggregate from the Type box.
    5. (Optional) Use the Rows controls to indicate the range of rows you want to use.
      • If you only want to use selected rows, click the Range button, then enter the desired range (assuming a one-based index) by typing values into the From and To fields. For example, to use only the first 10 rows, enter 1 in the From field and 10 in the To field. To use only the fifth row, enter 5 in the From field and 5 in the To field.
    6. Choose the desired data sources from the Available Data Sources box and click the Add button to add them to the Selected Data Sources box.
      The Available Data Sources box contains all of the data sources added to the test suite. After selecting and adding the desired data sources to the Selected Data Sources box, the column names contained in the added data sources display in the Column Names box.