increase font size test case explorer

sunnyttsunnytt Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in SOAtest

Hi I'm fairly new to SOAtest. I needed to increase the font size in the app for many things. I've managed to find the settings for many of the items except 1. I can't find where the setting is to increase the font size in the Test Case Explorer. I'm using Parasoft SOAtest & Virtualize version 2020.1 on a Mac. Any help is greatly appreciated



  • whaakerwhaaker Posts: 47

    Hi Sunny, I'm not aware of any such settings. Do you have a high resolution monitor and that's why you're looking to increase the font size? I have a 27" 4k monitor, and sometimes I've found the need to use the operating system's zoom functionality to increase the size of everything on the screen to make it easier to read.

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