Xpath: How to search in all child elements with certain text (browser validation tool)

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I have a number of p elements in a div and I want to find a certain text within all of them. For some reason I can't get it to work, it finds only the first p element. Does any one know what to use differently?

Element property: I've tried both text and value here (with and without [1] )

Xpath: /descendant::div[@class="Example1"]//*
I have also tried Xpath: /descendant::div[@class="Example1"]//p

I have added a jpg because apparently I can't add this directly here as text.



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    Assuming this is the first instance of the text "Text to find" on you page in a P element and you are looking for exactly the phrase "Text to find," you could use an "Element properties" locator like:
    Element name: p
    Attribute name: text
    Attribute valueL Text to find

    If you prefer using an XPath, it would be:
    /descendant::p[normalize-space(.)="Text to find"]

    If you must find the text within the div, or if there might be other text within the P element to find, an XPath like the following should work:
    /descendant::div[@class="Example 1"]//p[contains(text(), "Text to find")]

    for example:
    /descendant::div[@class="Message userContent"]//p[contains(text(), "tried both")]
    will select the second paragraph in your post on this page.

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    Thank you very much! The second one worked for me.

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